About us

Who We Are

We are a Guelph-based, women-run renovations
company – now serving the Calgary area! – that
prioritizes respect for clients and equality for workers.

As minorities ourselves, we have dealt with discrimination at work and
feel that there is no reason that respect and professionalism should
not be standard in the trades – for both clients and workers.

It is our mission to
renovate homes and demolish boundaries.

This is our promise to you.

  • to always respect the privilege of being invited into your home
  • to never talk down to you or forget that you are the expert on your own home
  • to always make sure you understand, and are comfortable with the work we are doing.

Environmental Policy

  • ​Whenever possible, we will choose eco-friendly, chemical-free alternatives.
  • We will donate leftover or ‘waste’ products to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity ReStores or Goodwill
  • We stock our truck with used tools when possible, from Habitat for Humanity ReStores or private sales on Kijiji.com in order to reduce waste and prevent unnecessary production of new materials
  • If you would like us to look for eco-friendly or used materials for your renovation, please let us know!

We strive to be as environmentally friendly in our business as we are in our personal lives.

Our Team

Alaine Q. Founder / Renovator at ONEder Woman

Alaine Q.


Alaine worked as a renovator for 5 years, focused mainly on refining her painting skills by learning from other highly skilled painters. When she decided to branch out into renovations more broadly, she enrolled in the Renovation Technician program at Conestoga College. Her education, experience, and pride in every detail of her work make her an exceptional tradeswoman.

Amazing parallel park-er.

Emma S. Co-Founder / Renovator at ONEder Woman

Emma S.


Emma was on track to become a kindergarten teacher when she heard about the behaviour Alaine was enduring from co-workers, and felt compelled to help start ONEder Woman. This reignited Emma’s love for home renovations, and led her to leave teacher’s college to commit to ONEder Woman full time. She has relished the opportunity to develop her skills by learning from Alaine.

Incredible bug relocate-er.

Muppet - ONEderdog



Although Muppet is not particularly passionate about renovations, he does provide advice and counseling to the ONEder Woman team, often in the form of stinky kisses – a job he is highly qualified for.

*To find your own ONEder Dog, check out Angel Arms Rescue, or your local Humane Society.


Spectacular stinky breath generator.